Pretty Girl Fantasy World

That was a silly title but I think the end of the week burnout has taken its toll.

I like the Charles Anastase’s latest Autumn makes me. From what I’ve read, he studied poly-sci before embarking on an illustration path and then into fashion which may explain his collections a little better. I have a soft spot for unconventional colour schemes and theatrics in fashion and if I were wearing this particular ensemble, I’d feel like character rendered in a Marcel Dzama illustration. Collections like these particular images warm my heart and compel me to click my heels in the air.


And the winner is…

I only attended a handful of shows but I would’ve sacrificed them all to actually see Iris van Herpen‘s Autumn 10-11 collection. If you’re not familiar with the Dutch designer, take heed because she has a very inspired future ahead of her. Upon graduating from ArtEZ Art Academy, she began showing at Amsterdam Fashion Week and has worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Victor&Rolf. For the past two seasons, she has been showing with Blow at London Fashion Week.

The photos speak for themselves. What amazes me is in the detail and technicality of each design. Complex and involved craftsmanship, 3-d sculpting, and a myriad of textures… without any doubt, this is my favourite collection of LFW. Curse the high heavens for my pittance of a non-salary because I would be Iris’s chief benefactor if that was financial possible. 

I’d be inspired to create or sew something with similar architectural detail and form but I wouldn’t even dare think of where to start – perhaps running leather through Jon’s paper shredder and using zippers to create the paneled detailing? Hmmm….

Flight of Fancy

I have two very good reasons now to visit Australia. For one, the food. My girlfriend Lee-Ann raves about fresh seafood, extraordinary brunches (Middle Eastern crepes?!) and culinary magician Kylie Kwong (Rar, rar, Kylie!). My second is Konstantina Mittas.

I first discovered the designs through Grand Social and in my humble opinion, it’s the strongest collection in the shop at the moment. With dramatic shapes, beautiful lines and theatrics realized in futuristic fantasy, the “Breath” collection is my fave.


Under Wraps

Admittedly, I’m not all that familiar with Phillipe Roucou but I’m a proud new fan after seeing the polaroid scarves on Lost in E Minor. From what I gather, anonymous polaroid pictures were printed onto the limited-edition silk scarves, using lost and found art to create a sweetly ethereal and modern design.

Asger Juel Larsen

Notable menswear by emerging designer/LFC grad Asger Juel Larsen as featured at fashion156 and looking forward to the Autumn 10 preview – alongside Gemma Slack and Gabriella Marina Gonzalez, at Machine-A.

Dunhill Momentary Project

Technically not fashion related but I couldn’t resist this post. The London-based design studio Campaign collaborated with Dunhill to create this sublime temporary installation for New York Fashion Week. Within three days, a warehouse in the Meatpacking District was recreated into the Bourdon House, the Georgian home of Alfred Dunhill.

30 key looks were presented on bespoke easels but it’s the space which takes the cake.

A Vintage Affair

(I’ve been rubbish with the posts but perhaps 2010 will incite a little more activity on my part. I’ll kick it off with some general updates and key events and London Fashion Week in the days to come and DIY within the next few weeks! Brace yourselves for the onslaught of postings!)

I haven’t been to this particular vintage fair but the words “vintage” and “affordable” is practically a paradox in London so if there’s an opportunity to covet the best wears for less, I wouldn’t miss out. The Affordable Vintage Fair is serving Derby and Oxford this week but check out the site for a list of upcoming dates!

The same organizers also have a vintage kilo sale. My beloved Mintage on Cardova Street in Vancouver is no longer around but they used to sell vintage by the pound. The best bargains come from dresses – 3-4 dresses for about $20. I guffaw at those prices!